Transparency Portal

The European Federation of QTSP expresses its absolute commitment to transparency in all aspects of its management.

The transparency of public activity, including access to information on our activities, is a determining requirement in the current social, political and economic context of the European Union.

We try to influence the legislative development processes to enrich them with the experience acquired in the real market. We take an active position in promoting the correct application of the standards and guidelines established by the European institutions. In this context, EFQTS is in the process of voluntary registration in the Transparency Registry of the European Union. Once completed, the identification number will be published.

In the Information Society, all organizations must know the requirements that must be met by the products and services that they are going to use in their electronic transactions and, based on this knowledge, make the decision to use them.

Carrying out publicity actions whose priority objective is to provide knowledge on the subject is one of the most effective means of generating trust. As professionals in the sector, we know the needs, the elements that distort with ingenious speeches and those that generate unacceptable risks.

In this context, EFQTSP expresses a commitment to active advertising actions, which aim to:

  • Warn about known risks.
  • In the face of commercial speeches based on biased information, report rigorously and accessible to all.

The objective of the Transparency Portal is to anticipate the information needs and requirements relating to our sector of activity.