Objectives and values

Our goals are to promote the proper development of our sector, thus contributing to the general interests of European society.

Our actions are especially focused on reinforcing the confidence of citizens, companies and public institutions in the use of eIDAS services. To do this, we establish the following principles of professional practice.


Honesty and Responsibility


What we do, how we do it and why we do it.


With the expert knowledge that professional practice requires.


Independence is found in the very nature of giving faith, it is an inescapable requirement.


The QTSP activity is carried out in free competition and under equal conditions, discrimination, positive or negative, is inadmissible.


Deep respect and loyalty to the rules and regulations that govern professional practice.

Equal access

We offer opportunities, without reservations, to the different market operators, promoting the creation of Work Committees that are related to their business or professional activity.

European Sentiment

We believe in the common objective of favoring the organic growth of Europe, in the introduction and application of digital services with real value.

Moral and ethic

Like Regulation 910/2014 (EU), rigor and technique must be accompanied by deep values.


We firmly believe in our role, and in the target scenario. We have been working since yesterday, so that we can all function today.


Environmental, social and economic.


Disseminators of rigorous and quality knowledge.