Aangetekend BV

Our mission is to become the Digital Postman of Europe and we are well on our way. In several European countries, we are active with reliable local partners. For more than 10 years, Aangetekend BV has specialised in the secure and legally valid sending of important documents and has the highest European certification as a qualified trust service provider in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation (eIDAS).

ANF Autoridad de Certificación

The first officially registered CA in Spain (2000). We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under the eIDAS regulation. Included in the European Commission's trust lists and supervised by the Spanish Government.

CEGER - Centro de Gestão da Rede Informática do Governo

Ceger has maintained a very small structure, based on a single governing body and a reduced technical staff, and has kept its organic structure, mission and attributions, continuing to be the service in charge of managing the Government's computer network and providing support in the areas of information and communication technologies and information systems.

Den Danske Stat

The Danish State provides qualified and non-qualified trust services to public authorities and private actors.


We are a Trust Service Provider, accredited under the European eIDAS Regulation, operating in Europe in the most demanding Digital Certification services. We were the first authorized entity to issue Cloud (remote) qualified signatures in Portugal, with secure remote identity verification.

e-commerce monitoring gmbh

Recognised certification and trust service provider according to European and Austrian regulations, development and consulting of your signature solution (GLOBALTRUST), Public Key Infrastructure, eBilling solution (GLOBALTRUST COMPANY).

EIUS d.o.o.

Eius offers integrated solutions for communicating with external partners and associates.
All services are connected by a secure electronic platform VEP, where you can send and electronically sign contracts, deliver shipments and send invoices. All services are qualified and legally valid.


GlobalSign is an identity services company providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions for enterprises needing to conduct safe commerce, communications, content delivery and community interactions.

Halcom d.d.

An international corporation that plays a pioneering role in the field of development of contemporary solutions for payment systems in Central and South-East Europe. By using agile methodology, we develop innovative products and services for financial institutions. Our experts transfer their knowledge and expertise in the segment of payment systems and their lengthy work experience into providing advanced solutions.


The Athens Exchange S.A. has established a system of "public key Infrastructure" (PKI Public Key Infrastructure) in order to work as "volunteer accredited" certification-service-provider (provider Certification Authority CA) in accordance with the Presidential Decree 150/2001. According to the regulations of (EU) No 910/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCILof 23 July 2014 Athens Exchange has filed a compliance report kai is registered in the Trusted List ( of the Registered Certification-Service Providers established in Greece.

Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale

Providing secure communications and information technology services for the Romanian authorities by developing and managing communications networks and information systems based on the principles of interoperability, standardisation and security.

SETCCE d.o.o.

Starting in 2001 as information security start-up and e-business software research and development company, SETCCE evolved as renowned DTM vendor positioned across different industries.

Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E.

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland, with its headquarters in Ittigen near the capital Bern. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom is present in Italy with Fastweb. In 2021, around 18,900 employees generated revenue of CHF 11,183 million. Swisscom is 51% owned by the Swiss Confederation and is one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland.

TrustWeaver AB

Sovos is purpose built for modern tax – an evolving, complex landscape in which global tax authorities are requiring increased visibility and control into business processes, in many cases at the transaction level.