The European Federation of Qualified Trust Service Providers is currently in the process of being established.

As a non-profit business association, the EFQTPS will be governed by its own statutes, with full autonomy and independence, and is subject to the legal system, especially to the development regulations of the aforementioned right of business association.

All those organizations that have been accredited by the supervisory body as a Qualified Trust Service Provider can be members of EFQTSP.

EFQTSP is in the process of being registered in the voluntary Transparency Registry of the European Union. Once the registration is complete, the identification number will be made public.

Social purposes

The coordination, representation, management, promotion, defense and protection of the general and common interests of its members.

  1. Promote and support any initiative related to the use of electronic certification systems within the framework of the eDIAS Regulation.
  2. Encourage confidence in and use of eIDAS services in the EU, especially promoting the creation of new services that improve the competitiveness and efficiency of companies and public institutions.
  3. Defend the interests of the PCSC before the European institutions and, in particular, against monopolistic practices carried out by other multinational companies from third countries outside the EU.
  4. Participate in the development of any regulatory standard, whether technical or fiscal, whether national or European in scope, that affects qualified trust service providers. In special regulations related to the eIDAS Regulation and the General Data Protection Regulation.
  5. To be a common forum where to analyze and channel the suggestions and concerns of our members.
  6. Negotiate and establish preferential purchase agreements for members of the Federation, especially with manufacturers of technology used or likely to be used by QTSP.